Treatment List

You can count on WOWZER COSMETICS to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below.

Ombré powder brows £200 at Wowzer cosmet
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At Wowzer we specialize in creating a bespoke set of brows for each individual.  The treatment uses small pin needles on a hand tool to create realistic hair-strokes


Ombre brows 

For the full brow lover this treatment creates a bespoke set of brows for each individual using an SPMU machine.  


Combination brows

Creating a bespoke set of brows for each individual using small pin needles and the SPMU machine.


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Permanent Eyebrows Makeup

The "Gold Glow Facial"

A multi step treatment

-Dermaplaning- The removal of dead skin and vellus. 

-BB Glow-buffing semi permanent foundation into the skin.

-24K Gold massage- dissolvable gold massaged throughout the skin.



For the ultimate glowing skin. This treatment is the removal of dead skin and vellus hairs leaving you with a flawless ans smooth finish. A great base for makeup applications.


Additional Touch Up

-Microblading £75

-Ombre or combination brows £85

(within 12 months)

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BB Glow 

Microneedling semi permanent foundations into the skin to create a glowing complexion. 



Collagen induction therapy to improve skin tightening, and the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. 


Russian eyelashes

Hand made fans placed individually onto the eyelashes to darken, extend and thicken them.

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Eyebrow lamination

Perming the eyebrows into shape 


Henna eyebrows 

Semi permanent skin stain. 


lip colouring

Semi permanent tattoo of a lipstick colour. 

-Full lip contouring £220

-Lip blush £200

-Lip liner £150

Brown Eyes
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Long Lashes

Eyeliner tattoo 

-£150 top or bottom eye 
-£200 for both


-£25 without lashes 
-£30 with lashes

Lash lit & tint

Perming & tinting the lashes into place which makes them look longer, fuller and thicker.



Gold Glow facial 

"I'm so pleased with my facial  I cant believe that my skin can glow like this.  I highly recommend Wowzer Cosmetics"